Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Challenge take care of yourself!

So many times we get lost in the shuffle of life. We forget to stop. We forget that we are human beings that need to be nurtured and cared for. We forget that sometimes, all of the worrying and negativity we send out on top of all the other things we endure in life is...well...just breaking us down.

It's SO important to find a balance. Find inner peace. For all of us who suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, and so on...we don't understand what it means to have balance. Inner peace? a piece of my body missing? Am I getting an inner ear infection? Am I right...or am I right? We NEVER STOP! We make mountains out of molehills and create chaos in our minds and bodies. This is just about as unhealthy as smoking a pack of cigarettes. SO let's stop this cycle. Let's relinquish what strength we have (I know it feels like a few measly pebbles worth) and turn this all around!

First and foremost, you have to WANT to change. You have to WANT to feel better, have more energy, enjoy the things and people around you...

Decide NOW that you will take the journey to freedom. get out a piece of paper and pen, pencil, charcoal, dandelion, whatever and write three things that you want to achieve. Make them small. Nothing huge. Examples like: Go to bed by 10:30 every night this week. Work out once this week. Do one (whatever makes you happy) activity this month. See nothing too crazy, but all things that can slowly, especially if you make them habits, turn your mind and body into a much more habitable place for positive thoughts, for less achy necks, and more energy!

Now stick to the ideas that you wrote. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with them either. If what you write down doesn't happen exactly as you foresee be it. That's where the cycle ends. Our regular negative minds will want to take a sledge hammer, smash those ideas, and then crawl into a hole and shame yourself. Well DON'T. Just move on. Simple. It is not the end of the world if your one achievement was to go to the gym twice this month and you only drove there, but were too nervous to go in. Ha - I think it counts for something that you even drove there! Pat yourself on the back, try again tomorrow, and done. DO NOT sit there and let these things fester.

You are ridiculously powerful. The anxious mind is one that will do anything to spill down a canvas of it's own demise. So get out your paint brush take that drip of paint, and turn it into a beautiful swirl of color right in front of your eyes. I guarantee there will be more swirls to come!

I have struggled with the vicious cycle of trying to set goals to better my mind and body and then miserably failing. But guess what, I am here to say that, even though it hasn't been an easy one, I am slowly doing the things I am set out to do. All things that will get my health to a much better spot. Is it always easy? No. Do I always achieve the exact outcome I set forth in doing? Hell no! But I sure as hell try, all while learning something about myself along the way.

You are STRONG. You are CAPABLE. You are TALENTED. You are LOVED. You are IMPORTANT

Tell yourself this every night before bed...the more you tell yourself these very wonderful and VERY true things...the more you will believe it. And not only will you believe will feel it!

Go ahead...take that leap of faith...for YOURSELF!

All my love and support - M

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